$80.00 Non Member $60.00 Member / $10 pit passes (non-rider)

$20 Transponder

$250 1yr membership

Experience SuperMoto at Musselman Honda Circuit! Scooters 50cc to 450cc, Mini Moto 50 cc to 85cc, Road Racer 250cc, SuperMoto 50cc to 450, Quad Moto NSR YSR & Derbi.

  • Beginner and advanced groups

  • Leather suit (1 or 2 piece) or armored textile pants and jacket that zip together recommended

  • Tires with good tread, no excess wear allowed

  • Motorcycle must be in proper mechanical condition, check chain tension and sprocket wear, brake caliper bolts, front and rear axle nuts

  • Safety wire is not required

  • All motorcycles will go through a Tech Inspection prior to going on track

Track is available during normal “open” hours outside of our usual scheduled Track Days for practice.


Kill switch with wrist band / lanyard that kills the motor when detached from quad Maximum width of 52″ from outside to outside of tires. All quads must have nerf bars. All nerf bars, bumpers, and grab bars must be of continuous loop style with no open ends and no sharp edges.

These items will all be verified at tech inspection.  If your quad does not meet these requirements, you will not be allowed to enter the track.

About SuperMoto: SuperMoto is a cross-over or evolution of motocross and road racing. Races are commonly held on road racing or medium sized go-kart tracks with an off-road section in the infield.

The courses are about 70% asphalt and 30% dirt. The motorcycles used are frequently custom-created combinations of off-road motorcycles and road-racing rims/tires. Riders also wear a combination of road race and off-road equipment, normally leathers and a motocross helmet and boots.

Unlike normal motorcycle racing, the emphasis lies on slower short and twisty tracks, where rider skill matters far more than outright machine performance.