Beginner & Advanced Karting Courses

Full day 3 phase course from $295
Our Karting Courses are for all ages. Course outlines cover all aspects of racing, from the drivers first time in a kart to advanced racing techniques, depending on drivers experience level.
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Blokart Sailing School

Half day school $300
Our half day blokart sailing school will prepare the student to confidently take the seat under the sail in one of our brand new high performance blokarts. All gear included.
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Beginner Motorcycle Certification

Intro class $195
Our beginner certification class will introduce riders to a racetrack while prepairing them to develop healthy riding habits. Class is required for any MHC motorcycle rentals.
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8 Lap Sports Car Instruction

8 lap intro $149
Our 8 lap road course expierence will cover the fundamentals of driving on a road course. This is the perfect class for anyone experience the drivers seat on a racetrack.
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