We specialize in corporate & group events and parties and welcome you and your group to come out for a productive, fun and memorable time! We can accommodate groups of up to 450 people!

You can reserve an open or closed party…

Open means you will have your event during normal business hours with other customers present.

A closed party is an exclusive event reserved for only your group.


Featured events:

  • Company/customer appreciation
  • Play day (just for fun!)
  • Team building
  • Family day
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Or anything you can dream up!

Group info:

  • Minimum of 8 drivers
  • Reservation and deposit required
  • Perfect for all ages / all party types

We feature:

  • 4 rental kart tracks
  • Racing simulators
  • Slot cars
  • Sports cars
  • Blokarts
  • Large meeting room
  • Shaded party area